about myself and the shop


My name is Adam DeJarlais, curator and sole proprietor of Twelve Vultures.


Overall, I’m just another habitual collector and curious soul.


My vision for the store stems from my own experiences. Especially those that involve discovering new places or things that were unexpected or completely different from what was my “normal”. I want the store to be a place of discovery and hopefully some inspiration to decorate or create a little different than most.


I source items from all over the world and from a variety trusted vendors. I work mainly with private collectors who, like myself, are constantly buying, selling and sometimes keeping various treasures. Other ways I find things include: foraging, auction, antique/vintage stores, and the occasional estate/garage sale.


I firmly believe in the ethical and humane treatment of all living things.


What does that mean, you ask?


All laws and regulations (from local to international) have been followed in order to acquire these items. Animal and human items that are sourced for the shop’s inventory and collection have not been harvested for the sole purpose of their sale or display in my shop.